Emergency Equine Response Unit

About Us

Kansas cow stuck in mud

EERU is equipped to help with all large animal emergencies – overturned trailers, cows or horses stuck in the mud, ice, over an embankment plus man-made and natural disasters.

Large Animal Emergency Response Team

EERU/ASAR is a non-profit organization dedicated to large animal emergency response in the Kansas City metro area & training offered nationwide.  EERU/ASAR also provides national disaster response at the request of partner agencies. 




The Emergency Equine Response Unit/Animal Search and Rescue team (EERU/ASAR) is dedicated to training, education and providing a professional, organized response to both large and small animal emergencies. EERU/ASAR is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization relying solely on public support, corporate sponsorships, and private donations.

Emergency Response

overturned_cattle_truck_responseEERU/ASAR provides emergency response (availability dependent on volunteer response and equipment location) for situations including natural and man-made disasters, overturned livestock trailers, horses stuck in mud or ice, and most other situations requiring technical large animal rescue response.

Our Kansas and Missouri large animal rescue team supports veterinary staff and first responders to provide technical animal rescue skills to ill/injured animals at the scene. EERU/ASAR will respond to assist Fire Departments and Veterinarians with extrication and moving horses and other large animals. EERU/ASAR has lift sling options and a Hast A-Frame/tripod for safely helping animals that may not be able to get up under their own power. Safety is our number one priority to provide peace of mind for our members.  EERU/ASAR also has developed a new Heavy Extrication Division that works with exotic animal facilities that house animals over 3,000 pounds.


technical-large-animal-sling-liftThe Emergency Equine Response Unit/ASAR team also provides large animal response training classes. Common training and response topics include trailer accidents, technical large animal emergency rescue from mud, water, ice, low/high angle, and wildfire evacuations.

Emergency Equine Response Unit Classes Include
Basic Equine Awareness and Response (BEAR)
Large Animal Rescue Operations (LARO)
Large Animal Ice Rescue (LAIR)
Animal Search & Rescue Training

National Disaster Response

EERU/ASAR also serves as national disaster responders with Code 3 Associates Riders on the Storm animal rescue team. When responding with Code 3 in a disaster, EERU/ASAR works off of their mobile command center BART (Big Animal Rescue Truck). BART, an 80-foot tractor and trailer, contains a 4×4 vehicle, two-horse trailer and two rescue boats. Included in the center is gear for water, fire, and technical rescue, a surgical suite, cages and crates for small animals, portable corrals, beds for more than 10 people, a bathroom including shower and enough food and water for humans and animals for one week.

The Emergency Equine Response Unit/ASAR team strives to provide the safest, most efficient response to emergency situations.