Emergency Equine Response Unit

Animal Search & Rescue (ASAR) Technician Training

Animal Search and Rescue Training

Large and small animal swiftwater and ropes response training for technical rescue situations.

ASAR Field Responder Training


ASAR Technician training offers animal rescue training in a variety of technical rescue disciplines including swiftwater rescue, low and high angle rope rescue, and large animal technical rescue techniques.

ASAR training is essential for firefighters, law enforcement, animal control, humane societies and emergency animal response teams.

All trainings meet or exceed NFPA 1670 guidelines for technical animal rescue, and class participants will receive certificates and skills sheets documenting the training as required by NFPA standards (first responders may apply these to their annual training logs).

Each class can be taught individually, or can be taught concurrently as some of the skills are shared by each rescue discipline.  If you are interested in hosting any of the classes in your area please contact Eric Thompson.

If you are looking for additional training in California, please contact our partner organization at Animal Rescue Training.