Emergency Equine Response Unit

Down horse lift-Rescue response

EERU was called out March 10th, 2015 on one of our favorite Mares that had gone down again. You may remember a few months back “Harley” went down in her dry lot right before an ice storm was about to hit. We got her up just as the freezing drizzle started to fall that afternoon. After some great Vet care and rehab Harley has been doing great! However  when she laid down in the warm sun, her neurologic gremlins crept up again and she needed assistance to get up. After we put her in the sling she actually decided she was going to hang there and relax for a little while before putting her feet down and actually stand on her own. I swear she just missed the EERU crew and wanted to play in the sling on a sunny day! All went well and we chalked another great response up to everyone that helped today.  As a result of our latest response with Harley and using a skid loader as the lift, EERU staff is working with Dr. Kathleen Becker with Hastpsc.com to develop new rescue equipment to optimize fork lifts. New updates to follow!

Harley girl up again 20150310_124349 20150310_124313