Emergency Equine Response Unit

EERU/ASAR “Breath of Life” Pet Oxygen Mask Kit/Pet CPR/First-aid Program; Help us help them!

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As most of you know, EERU added the Animal Search and Rescue (ASAR) technical animal rescue brand to our team in 2015. ASAR has been very successful, and we wanted to find a way to give back to communities that support us all over the Country. New for 2016 ASAR is expanding into pet first aid/CPR programs and donating pet oxygen mask kits to Fire Departments all over the Country. The program is being promoted with the help of Greatergood, and will be taught be ASAR Director of Veterinary Services Robyn Keiter, and additional EERU/ASAR Staff. Please share this link to Greatergood to help us roll this program out and provide support to Fire Departments as they help pets in their response.  To inquire about getting a pet O2 mask kit donated to your local Fire Department, please have a member of the Fire Department Command Staff email EERU/ASAR staff  at eerular1@yahoo.com with their request. 

To help us pay it forward back to the communities that support us, please click on this link:

ASAR Breath of Life – Provide Oxygen for Pets