Emergency Equine Response Unit


Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the following answers your questions about EERU large animal rescue services, please contact us with further inquiries.






Contact EERU by phone 913-522-3064. We can provide training classes most anywhere in the U.S.; we will come to you if needed!

Please feel free to contact us by phone, 913-522-3064, email Eric Thompson or register on this website on the Training Page.

Yes! EERU will provide a customized 1 to 2 hour course for Pony Clubs, CERT Teams, 4H Groups, Equine Organizations, etc. Please call or email us for more information.

Yes. Scheduling for the EERU trailer needs to be done well in advance so volunteer staff can be notified to work the event. Please note that EERU does respond to national disasters, and reserves the right to leave an event or cancel an appearance if the team is needed for emergency response elsewhere.

EERU provides technical large animal rescue services only. EERU does not have facilities to help horses that need placement.

EERU will respond to any emergency involving any type of animal. EERU has trained staff that specializes in livestock, hoof stock, and handling of exotics.

EERU does not offer haul-for-hire services. EERU staff will respond to an emergency situation and make every effort to assist the owner, Fire Department, Police Department, or Veterinarian with moving the horse to a safe area where it can be treated and recover.

It is up to the owner or agency requesting rescue services to provide a veterinarian. Although EERU has several Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians working with the team, these personnel are not always available for response.

We recommend contacting your veterinarian first and have him/her contact EERU. If your veterinarian is not available, please contact EERU directly. 913-522-3064.

EERU does not provide medical advice for treatment of your animal over the phone. Please contact your local veterinarian for any medical emergencies or large animal nutritional needs.

The Emergency Equine Response Unit is a 50(c)3, not for profit organization. We do not charge for an emergency response.