Emergency Equine Response Unit

Kansas State University Horse Care 101 Labs

On November 8th and 9th, 2014 EERU Staff and volunteers participated in the Horse Care 101 labs that were open to the public; and also an awareness/intro to technical large animal rescue training for several vet student clubs.

Both events were hosted at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS; and both events were well attended. EERU was introduced to over 200 participants during the lab rotations, and we had a great time with 40 vet students as we did some recruiting for future emergency/disaster responders.

Thank you to EERU Staff members Angela Cornelison, Matt Kuestersteffen, and Cathy Hammack for their ability to adapt and teach different stations; and also EERU responders Stephanie McCall, Renee Rheinecker, Hannah Leventhal, and Alaine Kuestersteffen for all your help to assist in teaching at each station and providing logistics during the event. We have a great team and strives hard together to provide high quality (and entertaining) training!

Click on the image below to visit the photo gallery from this training:

Renee teaching zrig