Emergency Equine Response Unit

Emergency Response

 EERU/ASAR Emergency Services

Assisting law enforcement and veterinarians to providing professional large animal rescue response in Kansas and Missouri (availability may be limited due to volunteer and equipment location).

Emergency Equine Response Unit provides a professional response to large animal emergencies.

EERU/ASAR Large Animal Emergency Response

The EERU/ASAR trained staff and volunteers have limited response availability, however if available we respond at no cost to assist law enforcement, fire departments, veterinarians and animal units with technical large animal extrications, lifts and assisted movements.

Individual owners should contact their veterinarian for assistance prior to calling EERU/ASAR for response.  A Veterinarian or Fire Department is required to be on-scene with EERU/ASAR Staff for expertise and manpower. Police and fire dispatchers will be asked by EERU/ASAR staff to provide a contact phone number for the Command Staff on scene to acquire details on the emergency so appropriate staff can be contacted to respond.

To check on emergency response availability please call 913-522-3064 and leave a message with the answering service.  Please note that EERU/ASAR will not respond without a veterinarian or first response agency having jurisdiction on scene.

Common Large Animal Responses

Our Kansas and Missouri large animal rescue response team is available to assist in a variety of situations. Some of the more common responses include:

  • Horses down in the pasture that need assistance getting up for veterinary treatment
  • Overturned livestock trailers that require animal extrication
  • Large animals, especially horses, that are stuck in the mud
  • Horses and other livestock trapped in the ice
  • Horses partially trapped in a hole or well
  • Livestock down in a pen that need assistance
  • Heavy Extrication of animals over 3,000 pounds

Large Animal Extrication Equipment

Emergency-Response-to-overturned-livestock-and-horse-trailersEmergency Equine Response Unit is prepared with a variety of equipment to provide large animal response and equine rescue in dangerous situations and at your home. Our large animal extrication equipment includes:

  • Becker A-Frame (20,000 pound capacity)
  • Becker sling
  • Bovine sling
  • Heavy Rescue straps
  • Equine Glide
  • Low pressure lift bag
  • Anchor and rope systems
  • Mud rescue extrication system
  • Air Cargo lift nets
  • much more…