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EERU large animal rescue training

Large Animal Rescue Training

EERU/ASAR training topics include trailer accidents, technical large animal rescue from mud, water, ice, low/high angle, animal search & rescue techniques, and wildfire evacuations.




The Emergency Equine Response Unit/ASAR team provides large animal rescue response training. Common training and response topics include trailer accidents, technical large animal rescue from mud, water, ice, low/high angle, and wildfire evacuations. Our classes are designed to provide training for firefighters, law enforcement, animal control, veterinary practitioners, US&R rescue personnel, and the general public.


animal-search-and-rescue-trainingAnimal Search and Rescue (ASAR) Technician

This curriculum was built to meet the needs of Animal Control Officers and First Responders working in disaster or technical rescue situations. In addition to technical large animal rescue courses, EERU added the ASAR Ropes/Rigging training (24 hours) and the ASAR Swiftwater Responder training (24 hours).

Learn more about our ASAR training here.


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Floodwater Animal Rescue (FAR) Class

Floodwater Animal Rescue (FAR) is a minimum 2-day operations level course designed to apply both slack water and moving water boat operations with animal capture and containment techniques.

Learn more about our FAR class here.



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Animal First Aid & CPR Class

Customizable class in basic triage, first-aid, packaging and CPR skills that can be applied in both disaster and non-disaster situations. Whether you are a disaster response agency looking to enhance your ASAR team triage skills, or if you are a pet owner enhancing your personal skills; this training is worth your time.

Learn more about our 1st Aid class here.



SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Basic Equine Awareness and Rescue (BEAR) Class

Basic Equine Awareness and Rescue (BEAR) is an 8-hour awareness level course designed to provide equine rescue training; teaching basic horse awareness and emergency response for equine accidents.

Learn more about our BEAR class here.



Nationwide-emergency-equine-response-training-for-firefightersLarge Animal Rescue Operations Training


Large Animal Rescue Operations (LARO) training is an operations level course that encompasses aspects of large animal emergency response, and demonstrates what to do if a horse or other large animal gets stuck in mud, stranded on ice, trapped in an overturned trailer or other incident.

Learn more about our LARO class here.



Kansas-and-Missouri-large-animal-rescue-eeruAnimal Ice Rescue Operations (AIRO)

Animal Ice Rescue Operations (AIRO) is an operations level course designed to provide first responder ice rescue training.  AIRO includes large animal ice rescue training and water rescue training, with an emphasis on advanced horse rescue techniques. Small animal ice rescue techniques will also be discussed and demonstrated in class.

Learn more about our AIRO class here.



Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling training for your meeting, event or organization. We would be happy to provide these topics as described, a general large animal response class, or a more in-depth technical large animal rescue training.